TNT cited increased use of e-mail and the opening of European postal markets to competition for the decline in work for TNT Post operations. It said declines had been at rates faster than ever before—5% to 6% per year. “What’s more,” said TNT, “ the company’s competitors offer their staff a much more sober employment package. This means that over the coming period TNT will have to continue making preparations for the restructuring plans required to achieve the necessary savings.” Among the changes, TNT anticipates reducing the number of days on which business mail is delivered, a move it says is in line with customer wishes. “In compliance with its obligations under the Postal Act, TNT Post will continue to deliver consumer mail six days a week.”

TNT is maintaining its target of annual savings of €395 million ($514.7 million) until the end of 2015. These are savings required to compensate for the mail volume decline, says TNT. Should the restructuring plans be carried out, job losses could amount to 11,000 employees over a period of one to three years. “Under these circumstances forced redundancies will be unavoidable.”

TNT said it remains receptive to further talks with the unions on serious alternatives that can make a substantial contribution to achieving the savings target.