As I write this, the U.S. East Coast is preparing for "Frankenstorm," otherwise known as Sandy. This perfect storm is expected to combine hurricane force winds and rain from the Atlantic with a winter storm system from the west, frigid air from Canada, and full-moon-accentuated high tides.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, counterterrorism forces are getting geared up for the "Zombie Apocalypse," a Halloween-timed summit that uses the zombie theme to represent a variety of terrorist organizations to test the capabilities of Marines, Navy, special forces, police and fire personnel in dealing with them.

Aren't we living in scary-enough times that we shouldn't need Hollywood-style seasoning from journalists and government agencies to spice them up? Well, judging by the readiness of most companies to deal with disaster, maybe they do need a turbo-charged wake-up call.

PwC recently surveyed more than 1,100 retail and consumer executives about the security of their "business ecosystems."  Sixty-nine percent of respondents said they are confident their company's security activities are effective. That's significantly down from the last time this population was polled in 2008, when 83 percent of respondents expressed confidence in their security programs. Only 40 percent expect security budgets to increase in the year ahead. And while 72 percent of respondents say their business has an information security strategy in place, and 47 percent have implemented a business continuity/disaster recovery plan this year, only 31 percent of respondents say their organization plans to implement an enterprise social networking program for employee communication and collaboration. And only a quarter of respondents already have one. That means a little over half are thinking in terms of inter-organizational collaboration.