Rush Tracking Systems and Sky-Trax, Inc. have merged to form a vertically integrated provider of smart truck tracking systems for manufacturing and warehousing environments. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The new company delivers a suite of smart truck tracking solutions for automatically collecting real-time lift truck load and location visibility data. The solutions automatically identify the load on the front of a lift truck by leveraging either barcode, RFID, or optical data collection technologies and then track the position of the material handling device via Sky-Trax’s optical indoor positioning system.

The combined entity will continue to sell solutions under the Sky-Trax and Rush Tracking brands through direct sales as well as through a global network of Value Added Resellers (VAR) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

In conjunction with the merger, private equity firm Pharos Capital Group, LLC (Pharos) and its affiliates, owners of Rush Tracking Systems, committed additional capital to the combined company to accelerate growth and increase penetration into international markets.