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May 23, 2016

Shippers: Enjoy the Ride While It Lasts

Conditions for shippers may have reached their peak, so take advantage of the favorable environment before it begins to taper off in the fall....More
Apr 18, 2016

Shippers Are Doing Fine in 2016... At Least, So Far

Capacity is currently sufficient to meet the demands of the market. That will probably change later in the year....More
Feb 26, 2016

Neutral Is the New Full-Speed-Ahead

As the market stabilizes into a consistent mediocrity, shippers are benefiting from cheap fuel and ample capacity....More
Jan 24, 2016

Bloated Inventories Are Slowing US Logistics

High inventories are a big problem for shippers, and recent moves by the Federal Reserve aren't helping the situation....More
Dec 28, 2015

Slowdown in the Supply Chain

Things are about as good as they’re likely to get for shippers, at least for the immediate future....More
Nov 10, 2015

When Not-So-Good Is Good Enough

Shippers conditions have settled into a comfortable rut best described as so-so, neither good nor bad, neither great nor horrible....More
Oct 21, 2015

Mediocre Is Looking Pretty Good for Shippers These Days

Believe it or not, shippers are living in the "good ol' days" right now, based on relatively stable (i.e., mediocre) shipping conditions....More
Sep 07, 2015

Sometimes Bad News Can Also Be Good News

While a soft economy is spooking some markets, shippers are reaping the benefits of low fuel prices....More
Jul 27, 2015

Shippers Enjoy a Rare Breath of Fresh Air

Conditions worsened for shippers in the month of May as far as overall conditions go, but even so rate increases have been held at bay, as have fuel....More
Jul 06, 2015

Shippers Are in the Eye of a Regulatory Storm

Shipping conditions look better, but only because shippers are in the eye of a regulatory and capacity storm that will grow worse as the year....More
Jun 14, 2015

A Safer Workplace Begins with Worker Awareness

Material handling professionals take the pulse of Congress on the issue of forklift safety, urging an update to the 1969 OSHA standard....More
Jun 08, 2015

Shippers Conditions Hit a Pothole

Conditions for shippers are rapidly deteriorating, with the likelihood of regulations making it a tough road for the rest of 2015....More
May 04, 2015

Shipping Conditions Fall Back into a Hole

After a brief moment of industry optimism, condiitons for shippers slipped back into the negative hole they've been in for most of the past four....More
Apr 10, 2015

Happy Days Are Here Again (for a little while, anyway)

It may be a short-lived celebration, but right now shippers are enjoying the best market conditions they've seen since 2010....More
Mar 10, 2015

Feeling (Almost) Positive about Shipper Conditions

The rapid drop in diesel prices and the reversal of some Hours of Service rules have almost restored shippers' faith in the economy....More
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