David Sparkman

Founding Editor,
Newsletter of the American Chain of Warehouses Inc.

David Sparkman is founding editor of ACWI Advance (www.acwi.org), the newsletter of the American Chain of Warehouses Inc. He also heads David Sparkman Consulting, a Washington D.C. area public relations and communications firm. Prior to these he was director of industry relations for the International Warehouse Logistics Association.  Sparkman has also been a freelance writer, specializing in logistics and freight transportation. He has served as vice president of communications for the American Moving and Storage Association, director of communications for the National Private Truck Council, and for two decades with American Trucking Associations on its weekly newspaper, Transport Topics.

Unions Step Up Attacks on Independent Contractor Status 
Facing loss of members, unions take aim at ride-sharing companies and other transportation providers.
Republican Regulatory Reform Agenda Advances Under the Radar
The focus on political turmoil and scandal diverts attention from progress in dismantling the regulatory edifice erected during the Obama era.
How to Drug Test Employees after States Adopt Varying Levels of Legalization 
Drug testing can be done, but you need to be careful how you do it and who you do it to.
Relieving Regulatory Pressures on Trucking Can Reduce Supply Chain Costs 
Expect the flow of safety regulations coming from the federal government to slow down but not go away.
Trump and Congress Move Swiftly to Press Their Regulatory Reform Agenda 1
Initial actions are designed to set the template for future reforms after the President’s appointees are in place.
Avoid Common Mistakes in Recruiting and Retaining Drivers 
Consistency, communication and quickness are required to succeed, industry experts say.
OSHA’s Parting Shot: Requiring Employers to Keep Records for Five Years
OSHA attempts to create a work-around for the six-month statute of limitations for bringing recordkeeping cases.
Under Trump the EEOC Will Continue to Energetically Pursue Employers
The new President can’t stop commissioners from expanding definitions of what is discrimination.
New OSHA Slip & Fall Rules Impact Employers in All Industries
Employers must train workers who work in dangerous circumstances, including loading docks.
How an Employer Should Investigate and Resolve Sexual Harassment Complaints 
Follow EEOC guidelines, pick the right people to run investigations and react swiftly.
Intermodal’s Future Is Secure, But Growth Will Remain Slow for Now
The intermodal industry’s prospects depend on overcoming obstacles to acceptance by shippers.
Court Blocks Federal Overtime Rule, Effectively Killing It
Employers argued the new regulation would negatively impact workers and the economy.
Avoid Trouble by Creating and Enforcing an Effective Sexual Harassment Policy
The policy also should stress to employees there will be no retaliation for complaints made in good faith.
Court Stays Rules Requiring Federal Contractors to Report Labor Violations
Would have blacklisted companies only accused of violating rules of 14 different agencies.
What the Trump Election Means for the Future of Labor and Workplace Regulation
Some big changes will happen immediately, but many others will have to wait.
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