Adrienne Selko

Sr. Editor

 As Senior Editor for MH&L  Adrienne covers workforce, leadership and technology. 

She also manages IndustryWeek’s Expansion Management, exploring how successful manufacturers leverage location to gain competitive advantage. Her coverage includes the strategies behind why companies located their headquarters, research institutes, factories, warehouse and distribution centers and other facilities where they did, and how they benefit from the decision.

In the past, Adrienne has managed IndustryWeek’s award-winning website, overseeing eNewsletters, webinars, and contributed content. 

Adrienne received a bachelor’s of business administration from the University of Michigan.

Turns Out What's Good for Business is Good for the Environment 
Sustainability isn't just a feel-good corporate PR move—it's a solid strategy to productivity and growth.
Can Better Ergonomics Relieve the Stress of Material Mishandling? 
Exoskeletons and other assistive technologies are emerging as potential solutions to worker injuries.
Toyota Testing Fuel-Cell Truck at LA Port
Toyota Testing Fuel-Cell Truck at LA Port
The truck generates more than 670 horsepower and 1325 pound feet of torque from two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a 12kWh battery, a relatively small battery to support class 8 load operations.
If You Teach It, Will They Stay? 
Learn what one company is doing to ensure its Millennial workforce feels actively engaged in their careers.
Top 10 Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Supply Chain 1
Supply chains are evolving to become digital supply networks, which are on-demand and always-on. Is your company ready for this evolution?
Will "Big Brother" Monitoring Drive Truckers Away? 
Some truck drivers say the ELD mandate goes too far in cataloging their every move behind the wheel.
No Gender Pay Gap in Trucking: International Women’s Day
No Gender Pay Gap in Trucking: International Women’s Day
Women truckers have a lower accident ratio, longer tenure and drive more miles than their male counterparts.
Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2017
Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries of 2017
Here's your guide to the countries most plagued by corruption, extortion, scandal, bribery and other nefarious acts.
Cultural Collaboration Is a Formula for Success 
The United States is an immigrant nation, and its melting pot of cultures is a continuing source of entrepreneurial drive.
Top 10 Freight Traffic Bottlenecks in the US 1
This “bottleneck” analysis incorporates several unique components, including a massive database of truck GPS data at freight-significant locations throughout the U.S.and an algorithm that quantifies the impact of congestion on truck-based freight.
Top 15 Biggest 3PLs in the US - 2016
Net revenues for U.S. third-party logistics providers (3PLs) grew 4.5% last year to $71.9 billion.
Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2016
MH&L honors the achievements and initiatives from the past year that are most likely to improve supply chains for years to come.
Why Does Material Handling Lead to So Many Injuries? 
The need for speed is causing workers to do their jobs quickly, not necessarily safely.
Paying People to Be Healthy Might Not be Working
Paying People to Be Healthy Might Not be Working 1
“Participation in wellness programs is notoriously low, and financial incentives have led to only modest employee and dependent uptake. Some employees see the programs as intrusive or a waste of time and resources."
10 Most Innovative Companies
Top 10 Innovative Companies
Companies who reported faster revenue growth relative to key competitors allocated 25% more of their R&D budgets to software offerings than companies who reported slower revenue growth.
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