Change in the Supply ChainThe high tech industry is poised for global growth. The middle class is expanding, bringing with it an increasing appetite for high tech products. Demands are coming from new markets across the globe. Product lifecycles are shorter than ever before. There are new pressures and challenges – and new opportunities.

There is growing recognition that “business-as-usual” supply chain strategies no longer deliver optimal business results. Companies must adapt their supply chains to capitalize on new opportunities in current and new markets. Some changes will be large and some will be small, but they all will make an impact.

The fifth annual Change in the (Supply) Chain survey, sponsored by UPS and fielded by IDC Manufacturing Insights, reveals how high tech executives are adapting their supply chains to set themselves up for business growth. From evolving shoring strategies to entering new markets to prioritizing risk management to exploring new areas like 3D printing, supply chain executives are doing things differently.

The only thing that will remain constant is change. There’s one question that high tech executives should be asking themselves: Is my supply chain optimized for growth?

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