To address high levels of jolting associated with heavy loads, the levelers now feature a constant-radius rear hinge that reduces bumps and gaps between the leveler and the warehouse floor, while a two-point crown control on the leveler’s front lip provides a seamless crossing from the leveler to the truck bed. The RHH-5000 leveler is engineered to provide full access to the end loads of trailer. To do so, it features a slotted lip that can be positioned out of the way for unobstructed end loading. The RHJ-5000 Jumbo measures 102 inches wide. It provides full-width access to below-dock end loads, allowing lift trucks to manage loads without interference from pit walls or dock bumpers. Both levelers feature an extended lip chamfer for a smoother transition between the trailer and leveler.

The complete line of Rite-Hite hydraulic levelers come with biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Standard safety features include an automatic Safe-T-Lip barrier to protect against lift truck drop-off and an advanced hydraulic system for full-range leveler float and automatic free-fall protection. They also have push-button activation and hydraulic platform positioning and lip extension. All models have the Safe-T-Strut maintenance support strut that supports the leveler deck and lip for safe pit access during maintenance and a structurally strong platform with eight beams, four rear uprights and a front header. The entire line meets or exceeds ANSI MH30.1 standards.

Rite- Hite